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Ever dream of exploring a city at your own pace? Dive into ‘Edy’s Car Simulator’ and take the city streets by storm! The entire metropolis is at your fingertips. Select from a range of vehicles and set out on your urban adventure. For a truly immersive experience, make sure to play with the sound on.

Use WASD or the Arrow keys to steer the car Use the Space key for Handbrake Use Enter to reset the vehicle if it tilts over Use C for changing the camera angle Use Tab or Page Up / Page Down to select a vehicle Use 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 to choose a specific vehicle Use E to make the gray stone move for the load test Use R for repairing the vehicle Use T for opening or closing the slow-motion mode Use P for pausing vehicles Use Y for showing/hiding the Telemetry Use Shift + Y to change the Telemetry mode Use Shift + ESC or Shift + R to reset the scene

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