When it comes to wasting a little time during your day, you may want to go over to a games website and play a few titles with little fuss, but sometimes you’ll run into trouble if a website has been blocked. JulGames steps into the fray to bring all the games you know and love (and even more) to players all over the world and on multiple devices/servers, completely unblocked.

What games can you play on JulGames?

There are a host of titles on JulGames, from shooters and snipers to action and adventure and everything in between. Right now, we are going to look at some of the top ones you can play with no account or fees, simply by going to the website.

Stunt Simulator 2

The aim of the game is to perform as many stunts as you can to build the biggest high score in the allotted time. When opting to play Stunt Simulator 2, players can traverse a whopping 6 maps and choose from any one of ten cars - will you use the racing car, the sports car, a truck, a big rig, or something else? There are loops and obstacles around the various landscapes for you to ride around for ultimate training, competition play and more.

Cars Simulator

If you’re hoping to find a more classic driving experience, Car Simulator has three play areas, complete with the choice of three cars. You can explore, do stunts and more all at your own pace and really get a feel for driving that will keep you entertained for hours.

Crazy Shooters 2

If you love Crazy Shooters, Crazy Shooters 2 is going to blow your mind. The first iteration of this game was hugely popular and the latest title has all of the feature you know and love - but better. You now have access to more weapons and features than ever before and it has never been cooler to shoot enemies as you run around fantastic maps. With building capabilities to create your own room where you can scope out the competition, you can increase skills and values. Will you be victorious in Crazy Shooters 2?

Armed Forces

ArmedForces.io brings multiple game modes to the army shoot-em-up of your dreams, where fantastic gameplay meets action and adventure. You’ll start out as a team and shoot others to become the last soldier standing - and the great news is that this is one of the only JulGames titles that has a load/save feature. You’ll find the code in the profile menu and can re-enter it whenever you want to play.

Dragon World

For a wonderfully designed, friend-filled adventure, Dragon World is the place to be when you want to escape from reality for a while. You’ll be able to travel around with your new best friend, a giant dragon, and stomp down trees and eat some colourful herbs along the way. Players can choose their skin colour, climb rocks and fight foes - all while naming their dragon and taking part in their perspective whenever they like. With stunning landscapes and cute noises, there are multiplayer options and challenging gameplay that will keep you entertained for hours.


For one of the fastest games on the web, with ForceZ.io, you’ll need to have quick reflexes and be trigger-happy to ensure you take out all of the opposing soldiers. Let the bullets fly from over 10 different weapons, the graphics are great, the POV is on target and you can play alone or with friends. Don’t forget to stop by the armor shop when changing between the 5 maps!

Crazy Battle Royal

Crazy Battle Royale needs you to reign victorious as you try to beat AI opponents and vie for the top spot. With outstanding graphics, fierce competition and an island filled with weapons and supplies; shooting fans that are looking for a challenge are certainly going to find one!

Subway Clash

When looking for a third-person shooter, Subway Clash 2 really does do it better. There are intense battles to be had in a derelict Soviet subway - what strategies will you employ? Switch between upgradable weapons and take out Cold War era foes with absolutely stunning 3D graphics, unparalleled controls and fantastic power-ups - you’ve never quite played a shooter quite like it!

Kick the Teddy Bear

If you want a clicker-style game for stress relief that has cute yet violent graphics, why not Kick the Teddy Bear? All you need to do is beat up this poor stuffed animal to get coins and level up. What do you unlock, you ask? Why, more weapons to smash the bear with, of course.

Bubble Shooter Vanilla

For a cuter, more fun title now, why not have a go at Bubble Shooter Vanilla? Bubble shooters need no explanation as they are simple, fun and let you play through increasingly challenging levels - all with power ups and some of the best graphics around.

Jul Monster Truck Racing

Drive and jump around in a 2D monster truck - Jul Monster Truck Racing has challenging and fun levels that you can play at any time, all in as little as two clicks!

Blocky Parkour Ninja

If you have a passion for speed and thrill-seeking, Blocky Parkour Ninja could be just the game you need in your life. Take your ninja across the blocky terrain. Pass through the 3D levels and waste some time having a little fun whenever the mood takes you.

Bus Subway Runner

Bus Subway Runner is a brilliant time waster, whether you have five minutes or five hours set aside to play. This endless runner has an exciting blend of both bus and subway tracks - and these will pop up randomly. Swipe up to jump, down to slide, avoid obstacles and beat the five-oh with nothing but speed and fast reflexes.

Play unblocked games on JulGames

When it comes to simply opening up a new tab on your browser and getting involved with some super games that have no ties or in-game purchases, JulGames is a website that you’re going to want to add to your favourites tab. There’s something to be said about not having to install an app and potentially hit a paywall when you want to upgrade or progress. The great thing is that this website is completely unblocked, so you can play from anywhere - including schools, colleges and even workplaces.

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