Real Flight Simulator

Want to be a pilot? Follow the game instructions and learn how easy is to fly a plane. The game has realistic simulation details and can give a pretty close look to what means to fly a plane. Ready?

• An awesome realistic planes simulator
• 5 cool planes to drive
• 2 weapons to use

• Turn on the aircraft lights (Press Z)
• Lower flaps and slats if available (Pres X)
• Start-up the engines and wait for the startup sequence to complete (Press C)
• Throttle up the engines (Press V)
• Release parking brakes (Press B)
• Rotate once takeoff speed is reached-above 150 knots (Press Down arrow)
• Raise landing gear above 100ft (Press M)
•Continue with normal flights
• Roll using AD
• Pitch using WS
• Yaw using QE
• Engine Throttle using RF
• 1 to change weapon
• 2 to lock target
• Left CTRL to fire
• F1 to restart
• F2 to main menu